Vice-Chancellor's Welcome

Despite how wonderful it seems and what you may read here, please be aware that Bailey University doesn't really exist. Sorry about that. I know it's a great disappointment. If it did exist, I'd be one of the first in line to apply for a course.

In actuality, Bailey University is a website showcase for the University Package by Bailey Web & Digital, my company. It has been built to show how the package can make a "real" institution website easier to run.

David Bailey, BA (Hons), MBCS.

Contacting the Vice-Chancellor


About the Vice-Chancellor

David Bailey is a web-designer and project manager with 18 years’ experience in developing, implementing and administering large websites to attract new customers and maximise income.

His skills include graphic design, multimedia, user interface design, user experience design, web prototyping, copywriting, technical writing, accessibility and usability design, desktop publishing, photography, fine art and illustration.

I enjoy using my design skills to understand the needs of website visitors and create graceful user interface experiences for them.